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"The tongue can paint what the eyes can't see." - Chinese Proverb

Private Coaching

Are you looking to work on a specific accent or dialect for character, audition or performance?  Looking to gain vocal strength confidence and expressivity? Maybe it's working on vocal strength and stamina for work in a large venue.  Using methods from Fitzmaurice Voicework® and Knight-Thompson Speechwork, I will help develop an individualized plan for you to achieve your voice and accent needs based on a holistic experience of vocal production and physical speech actioms

Production Coaching

This service is for directors and producers involved in production and larger scale projects.  Whether it's pre-production and casting, or rehearsals, performance or on-set coaching, I will help design an accent landscape for your production based on story, characters and specific actors, and create easily accessible materials for cast members to practice with.

Accent Acquisition (Modification)

Every accent is an expression of one's own individual identity, and there for should be cherished by the speaker and accepted by the listener.  But if you are looking to gain confidence in linguistic detail or clarity, whether an actor or corporate manager, I offer this service to help understand the basics American English speech and its many variations through focus on physical speech actions.

Voice and Presence for Corporate Clients

We will work to build your confidence in public speaking and interpersonal communication in the workplace. I will help you find the power in your voice and the ability to claim space for your thoughts and ideas.  This work can be particularly tailored for any EDI initiatives your company may be working towards.

Text/Acting Coaching

Clarity of voice and speech needs clarity of thought.  I will work with you to uncover and demystify textual and rhetorical structures, mine text for character and context clues, and use expressivity and range of your voice to illuminate the depth of storytelling in classical and contemporary text.

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